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Minicast: Dreamweaver Templates


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So, picture this scenario...You've created a 50 page website that rules. It was built to the general specs that you and your boss agreed upon. So, after you build the site, you have a meeting with said boss, and he likes everything....except....

He wants to change a couple of main things in the pages. For example, maybe he wants to change a menu item that you did in html text on every page. Argh. That's going to take alot of time...and alot of energy to change one thing on 50 pages, right?

Not so, if you created the site using Dreamweaver Templates. Join us on this adventure we call the Geeks and God Minicast, and learn to design pages that are easy to manage and in which you can make sweeping changes with the push of a button.

Save yourself some time and some energy...Listen to the geeks. Build sites with Dreamweaver Templates.