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Minicast: sIFR


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Ok, so we talk alot about why you shouldn't use flash on a website, right? It's not accessible to screenreaders, mobile devices and other miscellaneous browser types. It's also not search engine friendly, so if you care about getting that flash info listed in Google...foghettaboudit.

Now, if you're anything like Rob Feature, we can hear you protesting. "Web fonts suck!" And they do. You can only use Arial so many times before it becomes the next Times New Roman.

Enter a new hero and the latest tool in your web design toolbox: sIFR. With this technology you can turn your standard html fonts into any font you'd like by having it automatically turn into flash text. What's cool about this? sIFR still retains the original html text behind the scenes so it's accessible and search engine friendly. Check out this minicast to hear how sIFR works...