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How to Podcast #2: Editing and Authoring


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LOOK! Up in the sky...It's a bird...It's a plane...it's another episode of the Geeks and God podcast!!

Today we talk about editing and authoring your podcast. We talk about why post-production can make you sound like a pro, why you should record multi-track and remind you to lock your live tracks together so they don't float.

We talk about natural vs. perfection podcasts, recording multiple takes, and taking your time to make sure you're comfortable and can give it your all. We talk about deciding what worked in the 'cast and what didn't and about re-ordering content and cutting what is unnecessary.

Rob blabs on and on about audio plug-ins that help you get a pro sounding 'cast...things like compressors, noise gates, high pass filters, EQ, and why not to use reverb (hint...in classic Rob form, there is no reason other than "because it sucks.")

Then, we wrap it up by chatting about regular vs. enhanced podcasts, mp3 vs mp4, and low vs. high bitrate conversions.

However, before we get into all things podcasting, we launch into our Superman Returns special in which we jabber about the ways Big Blue does and doesn't resemble the Big J. Don't worry, we'll warn you before the spoilers so you can fast forward thru 'em if you want.

Up Up and Awayyyyyy.......


Still lovin' the podcasts! <<>> So I haven't seen the movie yet, but from your description it sounds like Superman is going the way of The Da Vinci Code's Jesus! Next thing you know, they will find some ancient obscure comic books that claim that Superman is not really the son of Jor-El and in drawings of the Justice League, Wonder Woman looks a lot like Lois Lane!!! =:)

Sups and Culture

Superman seems to reflect the culture of the day from a savior point of view. For example, way way back in the day Superman was the hero of the 'New Deal'.

Through our recent history Superman as been the hero tied to the culture/society morals of the day. In this case he is a reflection of the current western culture and what they are looking for in a savior tied with what the culture sees as moral.

I find this to be a great reflection of society worthy of learning a few things from.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host