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Minicast: Free Money


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We want to get to know our listeners...we want to know their questions, comments and opinions on the show. We want them to send us their thoughts and reviews of books, movies or anything else Geek or God related. So, as MF learned in his fraternity, how do we get people to be our friends? We Pay Them!!

That's right, starting right now, if you submit an audio file that we can use on the show via email we're gonna send you a $5 Amazon.com gift certificate. (we wanted to do iTunes, but their minimum is $10...sorry charlie!) So, record an mp3 file and send it to geeksandgod@gmail.com or call us on the Geeks and God voicemail at: (206)984-3694....

On the minicast, Rob also chats about the upcoming Geeks and God e-news (sign up in the sidebar) and proves he's an audio snob by recanting something he suggested on last weeks podcast.

Finally, our first gift certificate recipient, Paul the Baptist, asks us a question about pulling the sibilance out of his recordings. Rob chats about deesser plugins and how they work.

G&G Bonus Audio:
Paul the Baptist sent us this audio review of CS Lewis' "Out of the Silent Planet" book at the same time as his comment.
Listen to it here


Thanks Rob Feature.... it wasn't about buying friends Mr. Anti-fraternity.

Although, this does remind me of a shirt we made in the fraternity. It said, "We Buy Our Friends, They Buy Our Beer". Anyone out there want to buy us a beer?

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host