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Websites that don't suck #7: Picking an Open Source Package


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Let's dive in, shall we? On the Geeks and God Podcast, we blab alot about open source and content management systems. Let's stop blabbing and pick one, ok?

On this podcast we talk about all that should go into your decision making process when choosing an open source cms system for your website. We talk about choosing functionality, assessing market share and support. We yak about maintenance, reliability, performance, scaleability, and usability. We jabber about security, flexibility, interoperability and license issues.

We don't tell you which open source package to pick, because it's going to be different for everyone. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses. Open source CMS systems are like those shoes at K-Mart...you gotta try em on, walk in em with those plastic things that tie the shoes together, and attempt not to look stupid while you try them out. Afterall, those shoes never fit everyone perfectly, so we would never tell you which ones to buy.....

(please forgive the horrible metaphor above. mostly, I was feeling nostalgic about the k-mart of the early 1980's...so I forced a metaphor where it shouldn't have gone...my apologies....-Rob)

But, before getting into all that CMS talk, we chat about some horrendous stats on virus infection from Microsoft, Verizon and how they're helping parents play big brother, and how some authors are starting to make use of the internet for publication and publicity.

Thanks for joining us on this fun little journey we call "G&G".