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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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The Perfect Church: Audio and Video

What's this? The geeks spend an entire episode without mentioning the internet a single time? Indeed. Like a rare white tiger at the zoo, folks gather from far and wide to see MF and Rob get passionate about something other than the next hot thing on the web...

That's because today we...


Mac vs. PC

That day is finally here. The showdown between Macs and PCs in ministry. We've been asked in our forums what to use. We've been asked in person what to use. Today we have an answer. To offset the obvious mac bias we have on the show we brought in Brett, a Microsoft...


Websites that don't suck #8: Advertising your site

We are the robots...and we crawl your website looking for metadata. If you don't have it, we won't put you in our search results...so get with it! Make sure you're doing everything you can to get the word out that your site is online...

In this final installment of our "...

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Episode #1: Open Source

Ahhh...today we are exposing ourselves to the world of podcasting! It's like being naked on the internet....well, ok, not quite....but it's scary! We live in a world where 2 geeks of no renown can lay their thoughts down in some bits, upload said bits, and broadcast worldwide. Yikes!...

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Spiceworks Network Management

In this month’s episode we’ll discuss managing your Church network with Spiceworks, and then Shrop tells us more about the Aegir Project for managing Drupal sites.

Screen images for the Spiceworks topic can be found...


CCK, Views, and Contemplate

Let's make sites that are useful, shall we? We shall. Today we talk specifically about 3 modules that help you display your Drupal websites content in an incredibly useful way.

The modules we cover in depth are CCK, Views, and Contemplate. Think of them as the Drupal...

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DrupalCon Chicago Wrap Up

Welcome to the April 2011 edition of the Geeks and God Podcast. We missed last month, but we're back with an episode that's all about the 2011 North American DrupalCon in Chicago, what we learned, and our takeaways from the conference.

Check the...

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Politics & Your Website

Are you ready to talk about something controversial? This week we talk about church politics and your site. Church politics are apart of virtually every church project and it's something many people dread. Church politics are often unavoidable. This week we talk this dirty little world, how it...


Podcasting With Drupal

Alright. So, your ministry is sooooo web 2.0. You record your sermons or bible studies and want them available on iTunes for everyone to download. But, you've recently moved to drupal and want to know if there's a way to podcast right from within your drupal installation. Fortunately, there'...

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What looks simple but is really a complicated costly pain? Electronic Newsletters. While they look simple and straight forward on the surface they've been known to cause developers to shriek and have sleepless nights. But, churches want them and rightfully so. This week we talk about electronic...

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Underutilized Tech

In a recent episode we talked about our top 10 technology concerns in the church. One of our points was the underutilized technology in churches. This week, we dive into that topic and talk about underutilized technology in areas that are generally not focused on. Some places the church is on...

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Logos Bible Software

When it comes to bible software Logos is considered by many to be the choice. For two decades their software only ran on Windows and that was enough to keep many people from switching to a Mac. Last year they released a Mac version of their popular software and this week we review it. The fun...


Mobile Church Websites

Let's face it, the world is going mobile. While there are hundreds of millions of people with broadband internet there are billions of people with mobile phones. As mobile phones get high speed internet and people start to use it more the number of people who access high speed internet on mobile...

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Summer Break

It's June 2011 and the Geeks and God crew are taking a summer break. We'll be back in September with all new episodes. In the meantime, we're filling the summer months with previously unreleased material.

We've worked really hard to keep Geeks and God focused on topics to help the local...


Ministry as Open Source: The Tools

The open source world includes millions of people working on projects together from all around the world. The past couple weeks we talked about open source philosophy applied to the church and this week we talk about the tools that allow people from all over the world to collaborate as if they...