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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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Minicast: The Sword Project

So, it only makes sense. God wants us to spread the good news throughout the world. The best way to do that is to give it away, right? Why make people pay to read the gospel? In walks Mr Open Source to the rescue.

We talk about open source and free technologies alot on the...


How to Podcast #3: Publishing

So, you're ready to talk to the world? You've got your podcast recorded, edited and authored...all that's left is to create your rss feed, publish your xml file, and we're off to the races!

On today's podcast we talk about authoring your file by using a blog service such as...


Minicast: Free Money

We want to get to know our listeners...we want to know their questions, comments and opinions on the show. We want them to send us their thoughts and reviews of books, movies or anything else Geek or God related. So, as MF learned in his fraternity, how do we get people to be our...


How to Podcast #2: Editing and Authoring

LOOK! Up in the sky...It's a bird...It's a plane...it's another episode of the Geeks and God podcast!!

Today we talk about editing and authoring your podcast. We talk about why post-production can make you sound like a pro, why you should record multi-track and remind you to lock...


Minicast: Greek and Hebrew Translation Site

We all know that the original scriptures weren't written in english...they were written in hebrew and greek. The fact that we're reading a translation of the original means that some nuances of the original text aren't understood quite the same now as they were when they were written...


How to Podcast #1: Recording

Podcasting is hot. Bottom line. These days, podcasting is the newest language of the emerging generation. If your ministry isn't doing it, you're missing out on the language of the day. Podcasting is just one more step to "being all things to all people, that they might be saved"....


Minicast: Resolution

Not so fast buddy....Before you go pulling that 100px X 100px image off of Google and using it on a 10 ft. tall banner, you better listen to this Geeks and God minicast.

Talking about image resolution isn't really a blast, but it's one of those things that's extremely necessary...


Minicast: Bill Gates is Leaving Microsoft

As Mac users, we jab this guy quite a bit...but as people, he has gained our respect.

This past week, Bill Gates announced he's leaving (or partially leaving) Microsoft in order to focus on philanthropy full time. This is an incredible thing for the world's richest man to do. It...


Websites that don't suck #7: Picking an Open Source Package

Let's dive in, shall we? On the Geeks and God Podcast, we blab alot about open source and content management systems. Let's stop blabbing and pick one, ok?

On this podcast we talk about all that should go into your decision making process when choosing an open source cms...


Minicast: Dreamweaver Templates

So, picture this scenario...You've created a 50 page website that rules. It was built to the general specs that you and your boss agreed upon. So, after you build the site, you have a meeting with said boss, and he likes everything....except....

He wants to change a couple of...


Websites that don't suck #6: Choosing a Webhost

Arrrrrr You Ready To Ruuuuumblllllle? Step into the ring with this weeks Geeks and God podcast. It's a steel cage match of all things webhosting.

We chat extensively about many aspects of webhosting such as: What should you pay for a webhost? What kind of features should you...


Websites that don't suck #2: The Software

Ahhh, software, beloved software! What's a computer, but a giant paperweight, if you can't make it do cool stuff? Today, we'll talk about the software that professional designers use to design and create websites.

We'll focus on the workflow from Photoshop to Dreamweaver to the...


Websites that don't suck #1: The Basics

Ugly websites are bad...agreed? Ok, then let's stop making ugly ones! Today we'll start our series called "Websites that don't suck" by talking about the basics....

In this episode we cover HTML, CSS, and Metatags. We'll define those for you and give some examples about how...

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Episode #3: This Week in Geek

All of us geeks are totally hooked on cool, new stuff...aren't we? Well, today on Geeks and God, we debut a brand new segment, we're calling "This Week in Geek".

MF will give the rundown on some things that happened in the past week of geek news, and we'll chat about them, and...

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Episode #2: Church Planting and Myspace.com

The wonderful and crazy world of church planting... Doesn't exactly sound like a geeks dream, does it? I mean, where are the buttons? What kind of technology does this let me dabble in?

Well, it turns out, the opportunities to be geeky while planting churches is just starting...