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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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Drupal Theming Application

Yahoo, one more week talking about making your Drupal CMS website look pretty. Aren't you excited? Yeah, me neither.

But, making a good looking site for your ministry is crucial...so unfortunately, those stock themes aren't always gonna cut it. On today's podcast, we start with talking...


The New Community

We're back with a whole new look! After weeks of neglecting our day-jobs, we've hammered the geeksandgod.com website into submission, moved it to Drupal 6, added a bunch of new features, and hopefully made it more useful for everyone. On this comeback episode of G&G, we talk about...

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Drupal Church Distribution

Drupal is a powerful tool to build websites. But, for most church tech volunteers and staff looking to build a good church website it isn't the easiest tool for the job. Drupal provides a framework to build a site. For developers this is fantastic flexibility to build amazing...



Communication is a cornerstone to a successful ministry. No where is this more apparent than in tech related ministry where geeks and leadership staff have to communicate well to be successful. In this weeks episode we look at communication between tech teams and leadership staff, talk about...

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Drupal 7 Release

The January 2011 episode is all about Drupal. We'll cover DrupalCon Chicago in March, the release of Drupal 7 on Wednesday, January 5, 2011, building a digital signage system, and the wrap up of the Drupal Spotlight series on building a community website. We also talk for a few minutes about...

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The Church-School Dilemma

On this week's podcast we deal with a topic that's much more difficult than it sounds: What to do when you have a combined church and school ministry organization and you need to build a website? We lay out all the decisions, issues, and dilemmas that occur when you try and reconcile these and...


Geek World Tour

For the past few weeks we have been on the Geeks World Tour. Well, it didn't really cover the world but, we did rack up thousands of airline miles. In this tour we covered 2 conferences that each had a unique vibe and atmosphere. The first was the Interactive Church Conference where we focused...



How often do we sit back and do just enough to get by? In school it's easy to be a C student. At work it's easy to do enough to keep your job. But, is that what we should strive to do? This week we discuss excellence, what the bible teaches about it, and how that applies to our everyday life and...


Twitter & Ministry

Twitter is a powerful phenomenon that's changing the way we send and receive messages. Email and instant message haven't gone away but are starting better fit their intent rather than being all inclusive messaging systems. In this weeks episode we explain what twitter is, how it's being used,...


Living Green

This may be the most controversial episode of Geeks and God to date. In this episode we say, "Go Green!" and we're not routing for our school colors. This is an episode about technology and our interactions with the ecosystem we live in. We talk about why it matters and talk about a start to...


Delivering Your Podcast

So, we've brow-beaten you into creating a studio podcast for your church. Now, you gotta distribute it to the big bad world (or, maybe just your congregation). On today's podcast, we talk about how to deliver your podcast...but maybe not in the way you'd expect.

We DO spend a little bit...


Ministry as Open Source: Leadership and Attitudes

Today's podcast continues our foray into applying open source concepts to ministry development and organization.

We start by talking your phone calls...we talk about projector screens, putting those little fish on your car, and we talk all about Jesus as our kernel. We then start the big...


Ministry As Open Source: Community

Today we start our series on Ministry as Open Source. What's this all about? Are we going to talk about open source software that your church should use? No, we're not...

Ministries and Open Source communities have alot in common and we believe that ministries can learn lessons from...


Drupal Series Wrap Up

Ok, finally....relief for all you Drupal Haters out there. This 10 episode Geeks and God series on the Drupal content management system is finally coming to a close. Time to wrap it up...time to move on.

So, today we tackle all of your questions...you've asked in the...


Listener Feedback Buffet

Welcome to the chaos known as listener feedback. All of you, our wonderful listeners took the time to ask a lot of questions about what we've talk about. This week we dive in and try to answer some of them. This is not just any list of questions but a mixed bag including...