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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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Websites that don't suck #5: Advanced Techniques

Geek geek bo beek banana-fanna fo-feek me-mi-mo-meek...GEEEK! You asked for it...here ya go. An even geekier episode in our series of Websites that Don't Suck...

In this episode we cover all kinds of junk. We talk about programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Javascript, Ruby...


Websites that don't suck #4: What to put on your site

No one likes to be told what to do...but we browse the web (especially with ministry websites) and can't help but think that some people need some direction.

As we always say, the Geeks and God podcast is being made, primarily, for people in Christian ministries that want to...


Websites that don't suck #3: Database Driven Sites

Don't just sit there...DO SOMETHING! I find myself yelling that at websites all the time. Is it just me? Don't you want a website that's more interesting? Enter: Database Driven Websites

There's all kinds of cool technology you can implement using databases. Your site suddenly...



This week on the podcast we hack your iPod and force you to listen to an episode about Security. After seeing way too many websites and web servers become compromised this year, Rob and Matt decide to tackle the basics of what you can do to keep your site and server secure. We talk about...


What Makes It Good?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good website theme? Ever wondered what makes a module or plugin good? How about what makes a good site architecture? In the episode we attempt to describe what makes these good solid designs. The things we talk about are things anyone can do. They aren't some...

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The Preacher's Library

Welcome to the November 2010 edition of The Geeks and God Podcast. In this month’s episode, Techmate interviews Jacob Abshire about The Preacher’s Library, and NonProfit’s Drupal Spotlight discusses building online communities.

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Joomla! with Amy Stephen

Joomla! is powerful and popular Content Management System. In the world of Content Management Systems, Joomla! is the primary competition to drupal. This week we sit down with Amy Stephen of the Joomla! community to talk about Joomla!, where it's going, where you can learn about it, and how you...



Web services are powering the next generation of popular and useful Internet tools. When you think of twitter in an Adobe AIR app, Facebook on an iPhone, or reading blogs though Google Reader you're thinking of API's in action. This week we dive into the world of web service APIs, what they are...


CMS vs. ChMS

Church Management Systems, also known as ChMS, are used daily but thousands of church leaders all over the world. They help churches organize the information floating around their churches and manage the activities that can quickly clutter your brain. But, what happens when churches want to tie...

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In this month's podcast, Ed and Micah talk with Josiah Ritchie about burnout.

Additional links can be found in the show transcript.

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An Interview with Paul Boag

Welcome to the February 2011 edition of The Geeks and God Podcast. In this month’s episode we talk with Paul Boag about local church ministry and the Internet, and the Drupal Spotlight discusses using the Rules Module to enhance functionality on your site.

Paul Boag is the founder of UK...

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Welcome to the May 2010 edition of The Geeks and God Podcast. This month, we'll talk about tips for supporting our end users, changes to the FCC rules for wireless microphones, and news from DrupalCon San Francisco. We'll also throw in some comments about the Apple iPad and the Facebook f8...


Future Proof Drupal

Is your website set to fit into the future of drupal development? When you create solutions for your site are those solutions aligned so you can easily update to the next version of drupal and follow the drupal trends of the day?

In this episode we explore this idea, provide you with some...


Drupal Terminology

The wait is over. Geeks and God is baaaaaaack. After our few month hiatus we are back, rejuvenated, and ready to geek out.

We have always welcomed feedback and questions (and LOVED getting them!)...In the past we've asked for emails, audio files, and voicemails,...


Why Church Tech Projects Fail

Have you ever seen a tech project go up in flames? I'm not talking about an exploding server but when a whole project simply fails. We've experienced failure and watched train wrecks happen on projects over the years. In this episode we dig into different causes we've seen for tech projects to...