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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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Rules of Engagement

In the December 2010 episode, Ed Ross talks about the Social Media Boot Camp that he attended with Pastor Joe Burnham in September, then we talk with Milan Klusacek about the Rules of Engagement for churches using social media. We’ll also hear part two of NonProfit’s Drupal Spotlight series on...

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Content (Portability) is King

Welcome to the July 2010 edition of The Geeks and God Podcast. This month, we'll talk about Calls to Action, Blogging with Posterous, and Going Live; what to do as you move your Drupal Website from development to live.

Before we get into our main topics, Mark and Micah discuss the...

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Offline and Unleashed

Welcome to the April 2010 edition of The Geeks and God Podcast. This month, we talk about keeping our offline members in the loop as we move more and more resources online, some lessons learned from NewSpring's Unleash conference, and how Drupal fits in to the idea of Software as a Service.


Website Preproduction

The most important step in building an awesome church website happens before any development work begins. This is the preproduction step. If you're going to hire a contractor, this step happens before you go looking for one. If you are going to have a team in your church build the site, this...


Tech We Can't Live Without

Have you ever wondered what pieces of technology you can't live without? We were recently asked this question and decided to dive into the topic. In this episode we talk about the tech we can't live without, what tech we wish we could live without but can't, and more.

We want to know what...


Drupal Basic Setup

Drupal, Drupal, Horray! Today, we continue our adventure into the land of Drupal. We walk you through all of the setup screens, options, and pitfalls of a basic website setup. We talk about the administration settings, user settings, input formats and content types....doesn't that sound...



Ever wondered how DNS works? If you don't know what DNS is you're not alone. It's one of the important keys to making the Internet work. Without it you wouldn't be able to type geeksandgod.com into your browser and get here. In this...

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Drupalcon Denver

In this special edition podcast, Rob Feature and Matt Farina return, joining Shrop and Hans, with special guest Brian Lewis (from Modules Unraveled). We wrap up...


Special Edition: Interview with Paul Martini

This is a Geeks and God Special Edition interview with Paul Martini. Paul is the Founder and CEO of Phantom Technologies and the chief designer of the iBoss. We talk with Paul about his background, Phantom Technologies, the iPhantom, and the iBoss.

The iBoss is a product many churches,...

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Volunteering in Your Local Church

In this month's podcast, Shrop, Hans and Micah talk about volunteering in your local church.

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Listener Feedback Special

Listener feedback is one of the elements to the Geeks and God community we love the most. The podcasts listeners have so many great things of their own to share. We had so much good listener feedback we decided to turn it into this special edition episode.

If you have something to share...


Facebook for Churches

Facebook is all the rage in our culture. Facebook usage seems to be jumping in leaps and bounds. With its popularity is it a place your church should be active? If you church decides to setup a presence on Facebook how should it do that? In this weeks episode we try to help you answer these...


Predicting The Future

We made it! Yes, we've finally arrived at the century mark here on Geeks & God: It's episode 100! On this week's episode, we celebrate this milestone by looking into the future of both Geeks & God and technology as a whole.

We start the episode with some more talk about free...


Muddy River Media.org - Concepts

Today we start a brand new series in which we look at specific Drupal based CMS websites that your hosts, Rob and MF, have built. The idea here isn't to promote ourselves as site builders, but instead, to give you an inside look at the things we...


Building Accessible Websites

This week we're all over accessible websites. You might be asking yourself, "Why should I build those extra accessibility features into my church or ministry website?" If you are, we have an answer for you and we dig into the bible for our reason. That's right... biblical support for...