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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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Jquery & Drupal Basics

Are you ready to drink a new flavor of tasty kool aid? This week we talk about jQuery, the JavaScript library bundled with drupal. If you've wondered how drupal has those resizing text fields, it's autocomplete fields, and drag and drop interfaces we need to look no further than jQuery. It's...


Installing Drupal

Installing drupal is easy, right? How can there be a whole episode on installing drupal if it's so easy? Installing drupal is easy and pretty quick, too. But, a lot of questions can come up like, what are the system requirements? Can I install it on my local computer? If I build something...


Conference Wrap-Up

This weeks episode is another one we didn't expect to happen. After the Geeks and God Conference we received some great audio comments about the conference. When we listened to them we decided to put together a conference wrap-up episode.

But, this episode took a twist. At the conference...



After one day at the Geeks and God conference we decided to record the episode that was never planned to happen. In this episode John Wilkerson, from the Jesus Geek Podcast, joins us where we talk about conference in the realm of churches and ministries.

Just as the picture suggests, we...


Being Productive

Have you noticed how unproductive the technology we love can make us? We start twittering and loose track of time. Or, we get into instant message conversations that distract us from doing the work at hand. How so often we feel like we got a lot done but didn't really accomplish very much.


Case Study: Fshbwl.com

The fshbwl was a unique project for many reasons. It was one of the occasions where Matt was the project lead rather than Rob. In building it we did some things differently than we'd ever done before. And, it was built in more than a week but well less than 3 months. In this weeks episode we...



Sometimes it's all about the money. In this case, it's about the transaction. Online donations are something many churches are asking about. In an effort to make it easier to give we are always looking for ways that fit the lifestyles of our members. Today we talk about online donations and even...


Online Teaching

Education is a key element of the church. We have sermons in our worship services. We have bible studies. There are apologists who study science and logic then teach what they learn. In this episode we talk about taking teaching virtual, and I don't mean the kind of teaching where you have to...


Geeks In The Church

Geeks are a perplexing group to church leaders. Some love them and what they bring to the table. Some are driven nuts by geeks ideas. And, some don't know where to begin with geeks and only hear something that sounds like a foreign language come out of them. This week we have Pastor Dion Garrett...



Are WYSIWYG editors a blessing to web users or a freakish experiment gone terribly wrong? That's a question that you can ask 10 people and get 20 different answers to. This week on Geeks and God we dive into WYSIWYG editors...


The Virtual Office

On today's episode, Rob and MF incurr the wrath of server administrators everywhere. We boldly go to a place that will invite hate e-mail: The Virtual Office.

In our estimation, there is no reason for any church to host any of their own services anymore. Webhosting, e-...


Living Analog

On today's episode we unplug. We go analog. We take off the CD and put on the Vinyl (is any of this making sense?) In today's episode we talk about that much needed balance that all geeks need: time where we step out of the virtual and into the real world. If this is as tough for...


Value Added Content

"Can I get fries with that? No. You can't. That's a different kind of Extra Value....

On today's episode, we tackle the frequently asked question: "I created a great website with all kinds of interactivity, but no one in my church uses it..." This is a common problem...


Building Online Community: Leadership

Today we wrap up our series on Building Online Community by talking about how, once the website is done and the geeky tools are put away, you lead this community so it's successful and positive.

We talk about how online communities are more grass roots than top-down and we warn you not to...


Building Online Community: Usability

So, you've built this beautiful and functional community website for your church or ministry. The problem is, you're a geek. Yeah, and I'm a geek. We know how to use geeky CMS websites without any intructions, special menus, training or hand holding. The problem is, not everyone in your...