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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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Building Online Community: Organic Groups

On today's episode we continue our series about Online Communities by talking about forming small online groups on your church website. We talk about why we call them "organic" groups, tying them to the physical world, what these groups might look like, and what types of content you might put...


Listener Bonanza!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from MF and Rob to all of you out there in G&GLand. Today's episode was actually not even supposed to happen (we were planning on taking the next two weeks off for the holidays) until Rob looked in the G&G e-mail box...and sheesh! We realized just how poorly...


Building Online Community: User Profiles

Ok, racefans....are we ready to build the core of all community driven websites? Yup, that's right, today we talk all about building user profiles.

On this episode of G&G, we chat about why user profiles are important for creating real community on the web. We gab about what...


Building Online Community: Content

In today's episode, we talk all about the building blocks of an online community. We talk about types of content that will make for an interactive and engaging community type. We've got the roundup of usual suspects when we talk about how podcasting, blogging, forums, groups, resources, and a...


Forming Online Community: Concepts

On today's episode we make the big announcement: The Geeks and God Web 2.0 Conference is coming to fruition, and here are some quick details (the only thing still missing is a solid date). It will happen July 2008 at Michigan Theological Seminary (Plymouth, MI)....


Church Site Architecture

Is your church website like a house with clothes, toys, and podcasts scattered around the floors of every room? Or, are you the Martha Stewart of webmasters, organizing and categorizing your content for easy use? (sounds like there's a biblical parable there somewhere...)



Church Studio Podcast Theory

In last weeks episode, we got you all depressed by telling you how ineffective sermon podcasting is. This week, we hope to raise your spirits and inspire you to begin a podcast that can be much more effective: A studio style podcast. We discuss many theories of studio podcasting such as why...


Podcasting Your Sermons and Bible Classes

Today's podcast offers up a big ol' contradiction. The topic is "How to podcast your sermon or bible class", yet we spend tons of time telling you why sermon and bible class podcasts aren't very effective. I know, I know...so why try?

We like to call sermon podcasts "...


Why Your Church Should Podcast

Horray! We're back from our 2 month hiatus and ready to rock some socks off. While we were gone, we did a bunch of stuff, but one of the things we did was teach some sessions at a worship conference. This conference has inspired two new aspects of the G&G Podcast...


Audio Processing: Part 2

On last week's Geeks and God podcast we dove into some audio processing plugins and hardware boxes and described what it was that those did to your audio. On this week, we try and get a little bit more practical by telling you how to acually use those devices, give advice on settings to start...


Audio Processing: Part 1

Quite a while ago, a G&G Blog existed. As usually happens, we got lazy and never updated it, so we nixed it....But, looking at our web stats at the time, we saw just how many people frequented Rob's blog entries about Audio Processing basics. So, we figured we'd take the need we saw and...



Today's podcast is weird. Flat out. There is almost nothing, except Rob Feature, that resembles every other Geeks and God podcast. MF is still gone, so we have Pastor Joe Burnham sitting in as podcast co-host. We decided...


Design Tips: Print Design

On today's Geeks and God podcast we launch into the realm of print design. Postcards, Brochures, Newsletters, and Banners are all discussed and analyzed in an attempt to give you some tips on improving your church image.

We talk about color, bleed, resolution and some tools for...


Design Tips: Web Design Part 2

Today, as MF basks in the Hawaiian sun, we're stuck here, listening to another episode of Geeks and God....argh. But, alas, we try and make the best of it:

On this podcast we talk more about the design side of websites. We talk about why it's important to choose just the right color...


Design Tips: Web Design, Part 1

Have you ever designed a website and thought, "This just doesn't look right." Have you wondered why people don't stick around at your site long enough to even get your message? If so, then this is the start of the series for you.

We start by diving into attractive website design and...