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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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Memorial Day Minicast

Ok, so it's Memorial Day here in the US...so, like everyone else, we honor those in the Armed Forces by taking a vacation (how lame is that?)

This episode was originally going to be a simple "we're not having an episode" announcement, but we turned it into a little bit more with...


VoIP and Your Church

What's that? Your church is broke? Hey, that's crazy...mine is too. It's the times we live in: Tight budgets, Giving is down, and churches are scrambling for ways to save some money. Geeks to the Rescue!

This week we talk about a technology that could save you some...


The Perfect Church: Computers and Networking

This week we talk about macs. Is this a surprise for an episode about church computers and networking? Macs are just a small part of what we talk about in this episode on what we see as the perfect church setup for computers. In this episode we recommend Macs, we recommend PCs, we recommend...


Cascading Style Sheets

We've talked about CSS. We've said time and time again it's the tool to use for building your websites design. We use it to do all our designs. It's what you need to build sites in drupal or the other top content management systems. In this episode we talk about CSS, what the acronym means,...


Web Standards

Welcome to the wonderful world of Web Standards. That wonderful place that non-conformists run from, but that has a benefit to every church and ministry website. If your one of the people who think web standards don't matter to you or that being standards compliant won't make a difference this...


Maintaining Your Drupal Site

Alright, before you read our lame description....here's what you're really looking for:

MF dances to the G&G Theme Song

Ok, so...in theory you've got a drupal site up and running. It's all themed, functioning, and you'...


Drupal Modules

Ok, so our drupal site is starting to look good, and it's installed properly...now we want it to DO something, right? Well, good thing this is an episode about modules!

Drupal modules add all that fancy functionality to your site. You can simply create blogs, discussion forums, rss...


Put up and Shut up....

"It's Time to Shut Up and Put Up." That's the philosophy for Geeks and God over the next several months. Are you curious what that means to you and the hosts? If so, then check out the episode.

If you're just now stumbling upon Geeks and God, browse all our past...


Medium to Large Church Technology

Your a medium to large church looking at where you can use technology to be more accessible and make life a little easier but run out of ideas. Or, maybe your church has just grown and you are no longer a small church and have more resources to tap and looking for ideas where...


Tech in Church Planting

Startup churches and ministries are always a challenge. Using technology effectively in those ministries is a challenge we aim to tackle today. To help us in this quest for knowledge we are have special guest...


Low Band Tech for Missionaries

So, there you are....far from home without an ounce of high speed internet in sight. You're in the middle of Africa, Asia or South America. There's no Starbucks on every corner from which you can suck up some hi-speed. You're a missionary, and you need to get your stories of...


Minicast: Our Listeners Rule

So, the Geeks and God podcast listeners are the best listeners EVER! Yes, that's right. We're talking about YOU!

Our listeners aren't just listening, they're contributing to the show as well...sending in MP3 comments that we can use on the show to enhance the discussion and...


Minicast: sIFR

Ok, so we talk alot about why you shouldn't use flash on a website, right? It's not accessible to screenreaders, mobile devices and other miscellaneous browser types. It's also not search engine friendly, so if you care about getting that flash info listed in Google...foghettaboudit....


Blogging 303

Time to wrap up our blogging series. We all knew this day would come at some point, so let's be strong, dry our eyes, and say goodbye.

In this episode, we talk about all the different kinds of blog posts. Everything from a link post (hint, don't do this) to a series...


Blogging 202

Today is a day we mourn the loss of TWIG (This Week In Geek). We will remember you fondly. After mourning the loss Matt and Rob square off on ministry blogging, numbers, community building, teaching, and all kinds of theory behind blogs.

After digging into the theory,...