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The Geeks & God podcast is Christian Geeks talking about how technology can be used effectively in our churches and ministries. The show has been on semi-permenant hiatus since 2011 but we hope the episode archive will spark ideas and help moving the Gospel forward in churches around the world.
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Minicast: What's the Goal of a Christian Blog?

So, what is the actual purpose of a Christian blog? Last weeks podcast got us thinking about that.

Is the purpose to get as many people to your blog as possible? Well, Christ DID ask us to make more disciples, so yes, I think that is one goal. But, what about quality relationship?...


Blogging 101

Welcome to the wild world of blogging. In a previous minicast we chatted all about why you should blog. We happen to think it's especially important for ministry folks. So, today starts our podcast series on blogging. We...


Minicast: Mychurch.org

Social Networking meets the local church. That's just what mychurch.org is doing. The church now has social networking to extend the church from the physical into our everyday Internet social networking.

Come on,...


Minicast: Photoshop to CMS

Here's to creative looking CMS websites! You'll hear us complaining on the show quite often about CMS sites that LOOK like CMS sites. They're bland, they're stock, they look like 1,000 other sites on the internet. Let's take a step forward and make our ministry sites unique, shall we...


Content Management Systems: Part Deux

Lions and Tigers and WAMP! OH MY! Step right up to the Geeks and God Circus...a place where geeks rule the land! Today we wrap up our series on CMS and we talk about a whole boatload of other stuff.

Before we chat about CMS, we dive into the loads of listener feedback we...


Minicast: Picking A CMS

Picking a Content Management System is no easy task. With so many choices and so many factors, where do you begin? This week's minicast dives into just that.

Before getting into content management systems, we talk about Writely. Writely is Word for the web, and is even part Google....


Content Management Systems, Part 1

Content Management Systems are all the rage these days. Not just because they are fashionable and carry some hot brand names. Content Managements Systems, CMS for short, are cool, versatile, useful, fun packages that can help bring life to a...


Minicast: VNC

So, remote control is cool, right? Right. We've got remote controls for TVs, stereos, ipods, planes, trains and automobiles. Why not a remote control for an entire computer? That's what I'm talkin' about, Willis.

VNC is just that. It's a software implementation that allows you...


Networking #2: A Few Useful Things

Ok, so we started our networking series last week, and we're wrapping it up this week. After lots of input from our listeners, we decided that we'd shorten the series to only two episodes. So today we talk about how networking is useful to you!

We chat about signal flow in a...

Minicast: Our Blogroll, E-Sword, and More

Drumroll please.....after the long wait and many of our listeners sending us their blogs the Geeks and God blogroll is here.

This episode is short but jam packed. We continue on with more free computer bible software and bible software that goes beyond your desktop computer.


Networking #1: Terminology

Ahhhh, networks. Aren't they exciting? No. Not really. But, unfortunately, these days any geek or wanna be geek should know how a computer network works and what all the lingo means (if for no other reason than to retain your geek-cred).

So, on today's podcast we start our series...

Minicast: Moblogging with Flickr

So, you say you wanna moblog? Us too. That's why we did all the work to find out how to use flickr.com's photo service to allow us to photo moblog.

It's actually pretty easy. It's as simple as signing up for a flickr account, getting an 'email to flickr" email address, then...


Audio and Video Production Special

Send out the search party! Sound the alarm! Geeks and God Co-Host, Matt Farina, is missing in action!....Ok ok....It's not really that big a deal. He hasn't been captured by aliens or anything. He's just not around for this week's Geeks and God Podcast, but, the 'cast must move forward...

Minicast: Why Blog?

So, do you have a blog yet? If not, this Geeks and God minicast is just for you!

On today's minicast, Rob begs and pleads with anyone who doesn't yet have a blog to go out and get one! Don't wait any longer!

He talks about why a blog is good for spiritual development...

Backing Up Your Stuff

If you haven't lost your data yet, you will...trust us. Having a harddrive crash or having a computer smashed by a city bus may not be an everyday occurance, but some day, it WILL happen to you...(ok, maybe not the city bus part). All hard drives fail at some point, so make sure you're...