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Skribit, Inc.



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Skribit provides a content suggestion service helping bloggers discover relevant topics to write about from their readers.

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I'm not convinced. I guess I


I'm not convinced. I guess I don't really get why I need a web service for this. It's nice to have a place for people to drop comments, but the interface for adding something is a little confusing and having that little frog around all the time is less than desireable. Can you get rid of it in the block of code you post on your site? Why should I encourage my site visitors to go to skribit and get an account so they can attach their ID with their little phrase.

I suppose it seems like too much effort for the minuscule benefit from the site visitor perspective. Anyone seeing significant usage by users to warrant the time, effort and space on the screen?

(I'm predicting this statement will come back to haunt me like the IBM president's statement about no one ever needing a computer in their home.)

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