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Extensoft, Inc.
Extensoft, Inc. 93 S. Jackson Street, suite 9225 Seattle, WA 98104-2818 Extensoft, Inc. 8852 S Maryland Pkwy, suite 80 Las Vegas, NV 89123



The Details

This is a Mac or PC application that allows someone without a lot of web design experience to export as themes for Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, Blogger, DotNetNuke 4.9+, XHTML+CSS, ASP.NET Application, and CodeCharge Studio. There is a free Demo that puts a watermark on your exports and also does not allow you to save it as a project to be able to edit later. I have used this for Joomla! and WordPress templates and have no complaints.

This program is a great choice for church ministries with small budgets and eager volunteers. It allows someone with little-to-no web coding skills to create great looking web pages. I would choose buying this software over paying for a template from a template club.

- Cross Platform, currently 2.4 for Windows and 2.3 for Mac
- Easy to Use
- Create templates quickly
- Allows for site design refreshes as time goes on
- Almost any possible module location built-in for Joomla!
- 2.4 allows for vertical menus in Joomla!
- Point and click designing for all elements of the website, from colors to shadows to fonts
- Demo Version to try before you buy

- You would have cleaner code coming from a professional designer, but at a price
- Would have like a header module position in Joomla!, but it was only one line of code to add it.

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