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Logos for Mac

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Logos Bible Software



The Details

Logos for Mac combines a search engine with a massive library of books.

Logos (the company) works with over 100 publishers and has over 9,000 available books. Logos has existed in the windows world since 1992. The Mac version was released in late 2008 after a long development period.

User Reviews



It crashes every time I use it on my 10.5 MacBook. Just to be sure, I tried it on my old 10.4 PPC (keep in mind that my other is an Intel!) and it crashed instantly as well. Universal for Mac? More like Zeroversal for Mac. I'm going to go get the $49 Accordance.

Contact Our Mac CS Team


We'd be happy to help you. Just contact our Mac Customer Service team at macsupport@logos.com or 800-875-6467, and we'll get you up and running.



It's a beautiful program from start to finish. Wouldn't pick any other software out there. Thanks for finally bringing Logos to Mac!

If you have a spare windows

If you have a spare windows license laying around, why not just use Virtual Box?

I use it on my Ubuntu machine and it is awesome. Plus there is no charge for awesome.

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Logos for Mac works well on


Logos for Mac works well on both my MacBook (1st gen) and my iMac (aluminum model). I rarely have problems running the features included with the mac version.

I do have the windows version running via a virtual machine to take advantage of the features that are not available yet for the Mac version. I look forward to the day when the features are equal between both versions.

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