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The Details

Accordance is the only Bible software which is designed for Mac, trusted by scholars, and right for you.

Mac users don't need to be an afterthought when it comes to Bible software. Accordance has been helping Mac users get more out of their Bible study for more than fourteen years. While other Bible software developers ignored the Mac, we were leveraging the Mac's advantages to develop software that was both powerful and easy to use.
Don't settle for Windows software dressed up to work with the Mac. Accordance is the only full-featured Bible program designed explicitly for Macintosh.

Accordance is the program of choice among top Bible scholars. That's because Accordance has been moving computer-assisted Biblical studies forward since it was first released in 1994.
Features which are now commonplace among high-end Bible programs, such as graphical searching, statistical analysis of search results, instant parsing, and diagramming were all pioneered by Accordance.
Likewise, Accordance was the first Bible program to offer grammatically-tagged editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Mishna, Aramaic Targums, Pseudepigrapha, Hebrew Inscriptions, and other Ancient Near Eastern texts.
With advanced features like the new INFER command, Accordance 8 is continuing to push scholarship forward.

User Reviews

great bible study software


I am a pastor and mac user. I have found Accordance to be extremely useful. I use it each week to prepare sermons. It has many features, but allows the user to scale the experience based on the features that you need. The more you learn, the deeper you can go. However, the basics are very intuitive. I really like the way that this software is written. There is nothing about it annoying or distracting. It allows you to go where you want and get the information you want.
The best feature is the search feature. It has a bit of a learning curve, but is incredibly powerful (see http://tinyurl.com/crgtr4)

Excellent tool for Studying the Bible


Accordance is an excellent program for reading and studying the Bible. I use it on a regular basis for reading and learning from the Bible. There are resources for many different purposes, whether personal or group Bible study or if you would like to do original language study. In addition to the main packages one can buy, there are other packages and individual modules that one can purchase of particular Bible translations and commentaries. For example I originally started using the program making use of a Spanish package and a NIV Study Bible package. Since that time I upgraded the software and added resources. With all of the resources I continue to find it easy to use. I can easily find a passage, switch from one version to another or place them side by side.


  • Excellent user interface for reading and searching the Bible.
  • The latest version comes with Spanish and German localization of the interface.
  • One can highlight text, add notes to verses or create your own modules.
  • Slideshow mode for fullscreen view.
  • Excellent support, including through their blog and responding to users in the forum.

While I think this program is well done some things to consider are:

There are many features in the program so it could make it appear complicated at first. To help this they provide resources to learn the program including a tutorial and online videos and they have mentioned that they will be adding podcasts soon as well. I don't normally do complicated searches, but when they had the blog search challenge, linked in previous review, I did that and found the help files quite useful.

This is a commercial program and so there is a cost to it. I think the price for what they offer is reasonable. If you are considering it, check different options to see what suits you best.

Overall I find the program worthwhile for reading and studying the Bible.

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