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The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture

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Shane Hipps



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"The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture helps the church navigate its challenges and opportunities in the context of our electronic culture. Author Shane Hipps interprets and explains this culture, as well as the implications for our faith and the church. Providing both history and prophecy, The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture invites us to engage new cultural realities while staying connected to our spiritual heritage."
-- Amazon.com

This book intends to help the church evaluate the effects of the media we communicate with and how these effects change and mold the message we are sending. It provides a grid to evaluate technology's usefulness and effectiveness in various scenarios and helps us understand the technology always takes away something while it is giving us something.

User Reviews

A Must Read for Anyone Using Technology Efforts in Ministry


If you are using and especially making decisions about the use of technology in a ministry environment or anywhere, this book will change how you look at the tools you use and will help you to think more effectively about how to use these tools in a meaningful and effective manner.

Hipps takes the heady philosophies of Marshall McLuhan and brings them down to an accessible level at a time when these concepts have never been more relevant. Our world's technology flows faster and faster by us and the Church needs a solid grid to understand what technology is useful, when it is useful and how it is useful. The concepts found in this book are a huge step forward.

Interview with Shane Hipps


I did an interview with Shane Hipps via Skype in January for a class I am teaching on Internet ministry. I've posted it to my blog right now. The video gives a quick overview of the book and digs deeper in a couple areas.



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