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1 Lidstone Court, Uxbridge Road, George Green, Berkshire, SL3 6AG.
+44 (0)1753 824000



The Details

To fix a software defect you must first be able to recreate it. Gemini lets you define how you capture all the information that you need in order to track and fix bugs. Once you have the data, identifying the appropriate resource to tackle it and passing the work and information to that person, is a simple point and click operation.

Whether you are working in a Scrum/Agile environment or a more traditional one, Gemini Bug Tracking lets you control the releases of your fixes and enhancements so that you always know what is expected to go out in any given release, and who fixed what and when.

User Reviews

Bug tracking rview


Gemini's bug tracking software has proven to be an invaluable tool for MintTwist. When working on multiple projects with a team of designers and developers it is vital to have good quality project management and bug tracking software. The bug tracking system developed by Gemini is easy to use and intuitive which means little time is wasted on trainng users how to use the system. It is also highly customable which allows you to tailor it specifically for your own need.

Gemini's bug tracking software has become a vital part of how we operate as a business and it has helped us improve our own processes and services. This software comes highly reccomended by MintTwist.

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