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AN Hosting

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Company Information

AN Hosting
AN Hosting, Inc. 223 W. Jackson Blvd. #1014 Chicago, IL 60606 USA.



The Details

According to the AN Hosting about page:

AN Hosting was born in early 2001 as a small, two-man shop in a basement office near Chicago. That changed quickly as the company grew and progressed over time.

In 2005 AN Hosting was acquired by midPhase hosting, and now collectively hosting over 150,000 domain names on a network of over 1,000 servers supported by true 24/7 phone, E-mail and live chat tech support.

We like to keep it simple at AN Hosting, and don't believe in hidden costs or gotchas. We only offer one web hosting account but when it's as inclusive as ours, why offer more?

AN Hosting is proud to be recommended by numerous open source projects including WordPress, Mambo, Sub Dreamer, b2evolution and many others.

AN Hosting hosts more blogs than anyone else, hosting tens of thousands of independent blogs. AN Hosting has won numerous hosting awards for customer service and support.

We know that YOU are most likely coming from a bad hosting experience. We're good at just one thing: keeping your website online and smiling ;-)

User Reviews

Re: AN Hosting


You're probably here because you're looking for a good Drupal host. Maybe you've already read some reviews, or looked at a few "top 10" lists. You have probably noticed most of them weren't written by someone actually using Drupal.

Sadly, most of the Drupal hosting reviews out there are fakes written by hosting company employees, either to brag about themselves, or to trash their competitors.

It's hard to know who to trust. My best advice is to do your research

Drupal makes a lot of database queries. In fact, database response time is the number one factor affecting the speed of your Drupal site. The longer it takes for your MySQL server to respond, the slower your pages are going to load. If you want fast Drupal hosting, you need fast database access.
My previous host limited SQL queries to 50,000 per hour. I thought this was alot until I started building sites with lots of modules. Just building the site I would often have to wait for the hour to pass so I could continue to enable modules. I gave that hosting company the nickname Sucklogic.

Many hosting companies such as my last one, will put your database on slow, overloaded servers in order to save money. I won't name any names, but if you've been burned before, you know who I'm talking about. With my first host I didn't know what slow was. I have since learned that if it takes 10+ seconds just to load the Drupal admin page, it's time to change hosts. This all changed when I switched to ANHosting! If it's not the best Drupal hosting service you've ever used, you get your money back. They have a toll-free support line you can call 24/7, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Download speeds are quick, too. File transfers max out my connection at over 900KB/s (Update: I have a 10mbit connection at home now, and downloads still max it out at over 1200KB/s!). It really is the fastest Drupal hosting I've tried.

Aside from the great service, the price is nice, too. For $6.95 a month, you get 500 GB of storage and 5 TB of transfer, which is more than enough for most Drupal sites. They also will not get you with hidden SQL limits or other tricks like other hosts.

One of my favorite features of ANHosting is their control panel. Many hosts have them but ANHosting offers THE most usable panels ever. I no longer use filezilla or notepad++ because I am able to upload directly from their control panel and untar the files from any internet connection directly on the server. I can set up a new drupal site with views, CCK, image module and many other contributed modules in less than 10 minutes.

Here are some common questions about using Drupal on ANHosting.

1. Do Clean URLs work with AN Hosting?
Yes, there is full support for Clean URLs, and they work right out of the box with the default Drupal settings.

2. Does Drupal's multi-site feature work on AN Hosting?

Yes, I've set it up and tested it myself, and it works well.

3. Does AN Hosting support PHP5?
Yes, as of this writing they're using PHP 5.2.

4. Can AN Hosting run Drupal 6?
Yes, and it's quite fast.

5. Are there any discounts available?
Yes, you can get 3 months free. Just enter coupon code 3MONTHSFORFREE when you sign up. This coupon code also gets you a free domain for life.

http://manage.aff.biz/z/115/CD1845/ Click Here (affiliate link)

Update: This was modified by site moderators to separate the product description from the review and to note the affiliate link.

I use AN Hosting also, but


I use AN Hosting also, but not for any busy sites. A feature that I really like is the SSH access. Some shared hosts prohibit SSH access, but if you ask, AN Hosting will add it to your account. It is very convenient to use wget to download directly from drupal.org then untar the files right on the server.

My opinion of the Control Panel is mixed. It is powerful and lets you do most of what you need, but I wouldn't consider it intuitive or easy to use. I found the file manager difficult to use, so I end up using SSH for most file manipulation.

As always, don't expect high performance for $7 per month, but AN Hosting does offer a lot of features for the $7 per month.

Had problems


I signed up at AnHosting due to good reviews on Drupal.org.

Once I actually started to use the service I noticed several server issues. I eventually emailed support and the response was the the server load was normal. I emailed them again a few days later with the same response.

The breaking point came when the server was unresponsive pretty much the whole day. I had several people contact me who wanted to use my website but were unable to due to the server issues.

I eventually learned that other people had issues with ans50 (the box I was on). I asked twice via email and several times on the phone with tech support whether I could switch boxes and no-one seemed to be able to answer the question. The answer from tech support was that they needed to balance the servers first.

While this might have been an experience specific to a single box, I ended up closing my account and they were willing to give me my unused balance.

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I have not had any problems like that however my sites do not have huge bandwidth demands. I am curious as to how common this is among shared hosting as a whole. Thanks for your input.

questionable review

I found another drupal/anhosting review almost verbatim by another "someone" who says he's unbiased. Perhaps it's on the up and up, but it does seem to me that a genuine review would show up in only one place with one name proudly on it.


Very True

I wrote this review early on in my web/forum/2.0 life and I copied and pasted pretty much. I have debated deleting/editing it but have never gotten around to it. However, I did include MY OWN experience in the review as well. I do think they are good. I will say however, in the past few years I have learned that when it comes to hosting, you pretty much get what you pay for. Currently I am pleased with Midphase but I am delving into Pantheon which seems to offer EVERYTHING I could need.

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