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Bluehost Inc. 1215 N. Research Way, #Q3500 Orem, UT 84097



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Awesome Customer Service
Unlimited Hosting Space
OC-42 Backbone Connection
Unlimited Domain Hosting

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Bluehost has been an awesome host for me over the years. Their customer support is 24/7 and their ceo blogs often one can know whats new. They are in the process of implementing VPS.

Mormon Host


As far as service goes Bluehost is top notch, they have great customer service, a great price ($7 for unlimited bandwidth and space) and a real nice setup. I've been using them for the past couple years.

Reason I'm switching hosts is two fold:

1. In my experience, if you want a host you can develop on, this is it. However, if you want a production/commercial site then this host might be a bit slow.

2. The CEO is an outspoken Mormon. Within Christianity there is a push to accept Mormonism as another Christian denomination. However, Joseph Smith taught a different God (one that is an exalted polygamous human male), a different Jesus (brother to Lucifer and result of sex between God the Father and the virgin Mary), a different means salvation (through works), a different gospel, a different heaven and hell, a different church, a different history, and in general, an entirely different religion.

There are a couple of excellent Christian hosts that I'd highly recommend: baptisthost.net and hostingtruth.net. I can't really write a review of their actual host service since I haven't had the opportunity to use them but I have talked to the owners while looking around for a Christian host. After interviewing 9 different hosts that claimed to be Christian, these were the two that most impressed me.

Andrew Teesdale at BaptistHost and Scott Henry at HostingTruth are very conscientious in regards to what and who they host. Both are willing to refuse hosting if it violates their statements of faith. As far as I know, they won't limit themselves to hosting only Christian websites, but they are careful as to what they want to host.

HostingTruth does require an agreement with a minimized statement of faith on registration.

Both of them are smaller operations and both assured me that they monitor their server loads and are willing to move you to a faster server if your site starts to drag.

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It's a strange thing about determined seekers-after-wisdom that, no matter where they happen to be, they'll always seek that wisdom which is a long way off. Wisdom is one of the few things that looks bigger the further away it is.

Blue Host



I LOVE BLUE HOST! My Church www.theembassyofgod.com and www.embassyonline.ca have been hosting sites there for over 2 years (as far as I know) and they have the best hosting ever.. domain wise, space wise and tech support.. I have never found a host in Canada where I live that has offered so much for so little.

I find that in Canada most hosts like to nickle and dime us from the amount of pop accounts to space to even hosting my churches sermons. I truly hate Canadian hosting I have had to move from host to host to host getting nickle and dimed I mean 10.00 a month for 25 extra e-mails on top of my 5 pop accounts. I always hosted my non-profit sites with local hosts just to keep us within and support the community we work out of.. but even they wanted to nikkel and dime us..

My latest host for www.oshawaoptimist.ca is killing me and there mailing list system is so secure that I have to confirm almost every e-mail that comes in and out of the list. Over 200 e-mails a day from 25 lists. but I digress I am venting here..

As soon as I can I am moving all my personal/non-profit sites to blue host. Again BLUE HOST ROCKS and Americans know hosting better then us Canadians and that is just my personal opinion.

Bluehost is the best

I have used other hosts but Bluehost is better. Every time I need a new feature, they have it on their control panel. I am hosting several Joomla sites with 0 issues. The only issue is that your DB name must have your hostname as a prefix but that's no big deal.

The FTP and HTTP speeds are great.

I even host video players and archived sermons with no issue.
I am moving to Mogulus now so they will host the archives but not because Bluehost won't.

I would recommend them to anyone.

Bluehost is horrible. They

Bluehost is horrible. They censor content based on their religious morals. They are anti-gay, anti-free speech, and anti-constitution. Read about it here:

I have used their services for a little less than a year. Here is my experience.
1) Hard drive status was always red and always 90-100% full. When it was full I could not upload or add any content and it took several days for techs to resolve.

2) Server load was always red and always at 15-75% or higher. My site does very little traffic and their were numerous times where it would just timeout.

3) Various problems with archiving and backups. Archives fail at around 300MB (timeout?). Backups would fail and report timeout. Attempted to back my files up for 3 days so I could move to another host, and ended up having to manually backup and download everything. Had less than 10GB of data and support claimed it was too much data for their backups or archiving to handle.

4) Support is horrible. Majority of responses are canned and not even related to my problem. They will always blame you for anything wrong that happens. My site was hacked and files were modified by a bot. They claimed it was my problem and most likely due to stored passwords when I don't even store my passwords. If you login through Bluehost.com, your password is sent through the URL in plaintext. Guaranteed numerous passwords are harvested and accounts hacked that way.

5) They host the forum bluehostforums.com, which claims to have no affiliation with or employees of Bluehost. However, they are using their branding and domain registration info is Bluehost. Any posts made about problems with Bluehost by Bluehost users are deleted and the members are banned permanently. They do not want Bluehost to have any negative light whatsoever, even if it's true.

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