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DreamHost Free Hosting for Non-Profits

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Company Information

DreamHost PMB #257 417 Associated Rd. Brea, CA 92821 USA



The Details

DreamHost proudly offers free web hosting to non-profit, charitable organizations registered in the United States.

Non-profit organizations have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place - all without expecting anything (like a profit) in return! DreamHost recognizes their noble sacrifice and is happy to provide cost-free hosting to these groups which do so much with so little for so many!

This discount applies to a single hosting plan per non-profit, hosted within only one account, for US-based 501(c)(3) organizations. Domain registrations (other than any included with the plan) are not eligible for any discounts. Groups must be able to furnish DreamHost with an IRS-issued 501(c)(3) determination letter to qualify.

User Reviews

Can't Complain


I've been using Dreamhost's free hosting for my churches website since July, and so far I'm very happy. The speed is fairly decent. I'm sure it's not as fast as some other places, but it's definitely not bad. The support is amazing. I've contacted them many times and I always get a response in a few hours. Most of the time it's less than an hour before I hear back from them. It's very easy to administer and they have their own wiki (wiki.dreamhost.com) that provides help and info on most common problems or issues.

In all I'm very happy and would recommend them to anyone, especially considering churches can get the hosting for free.

Thumbs Up!


I have four churches and a non-profit theatre using dreamhost. Speed is good, Control Panel is pretty easy to understand and use. Support is great. They give you a free domain name and a free SSL along with the hosting. They are gracious and very helpful.

Note the offer is available to only non-profits in the US.


DH offsets, too


Especially for small non-profits, this can't be beat. (And DH also carbon offsets their footprint, which is more than a lot of hosts can say)

Couldn't be happier


I really couldn't be happier with Dreamhost! It was EXTREMELY easy to get a free non-profit account, it was then really easy to get our site migrated and up and running.

The cpanel looks very simple at first, but trust me, all the control is there.

They seem to truly care about, not only their customers, but also about the greater good. I know it sounds corny, but the free hosting for non-profits is a perfect example of exactly that!

Couldn't recommend them more highly. A definite no-brainer for all non-profit organizations.

Sam Dresser

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