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650 Pencader Drive Newark, Delaware 19702 USA
1-877-215-HOST (4678)



The Details

"HostMySite.com is defined by the level of service that we deliver for each and every client who gives us the opportunity to work together with them on their business. Our goal is nothing less than 100% satisfaction for every client. In fact, we are so committed to delivering the best service at all times that we back it up in writing"

User Reviews

My Church's website has been


My Church's website has been hosted with these guys for a couple of years now. The service is really amazing. Their policy is to answer the phone within three rings. I called during lunch time once and they really did answer it that fast. Each support representative was knowledgeable and I could clearly communicate with me how to resolve any issues I had. I had an issue with a page load and the tech discovered it was a error in the code of a particular page. Told me what line I had to change and what to change it to. That was above his duty but was happy to help. This type of customer service goes the same for emails. Sometimes responses were within minutes.
Since being a customer the site was only down one time and that was because a construction crew outside their building was doing some digging and sliced some cable deep in the ground.
HMS (HostMySite) kept us all updated with constant photos on their site as to what happened and pics of the crew repairing the damage.
We currently only pay $4.95 per month for a shared hosting plan. That's what the price was when we originally signed up and they have never increased it on us.

The only drawback I have had with them is that they don't allow subdomains. I don't really understand that but it has been a pain when your working on a drupal dev version of the site online.

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