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Another low cost shared webhosting company. IXWebhosting offers a few different plans that are all basically shared hosts with more features as you go up the tier. They do not offer dedicated virtual or dedicated hosting, they are strictly a shared hosting company.

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Stay Away!! Far Away!!!


I can't emphasize strong enough how you should stay away from, or remove your accounts from, ixwebhosting.com and it's servers.

I deal with dozens of clients a year and support many more on an ongoing basis. Out of the dozen (or so) that have been on ixwebhosting.com, I have watched as all of them have had their accounts hacked in the past couple months. To make things worse, you'll find reports of this all over the web, but ixwebhosting completely denies it's their fault and tries to blame it on the websites themselves. I've seen too many different setups (different CMS packages, static sites, etc) all get hacked...the one common piece of the puzzle? They're all on ixwebhosting.

Whatever you do...stay FAR away from this host. If you're on them, move somewhere else quickly before you're the next hacking victim (unless you already have been and haven't yet noticed).

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

Same Here


I've heard/read similar criticisms of ixwebhosting all over the place. This is good advice: stay away from them.

IX webhostining hackings -- plus antivirus2009 in servers

Yet another hacking of the IXwebshosting servers on January 27, 2009.
IX webhosting has been hacked repeatedly for years now, for more info:

Do Google search under "IXwebhosting hacked"

IN ADDITION, THE servers at IXwebhosting have been infected with the ANTIVIRUS2009 ... and that spells big trouble,

Do a Google search under "IXwebhosting antivirus2009"

ixwebhosting Hacked again!


Just an update, a personal site I run was just hacked and google banned the site as dangerous. This is disasterous for us costing us a lot of business but all ixhosting tech support do is refuse to help.

I even went to Comodo to sign up for a trial of hacker safe and the report was alarming about all the breaches on the server. I forwarded the report to tech support who mailed me back and said that I was in breach of their Terms of Service for allowing scanning of their servers.

Needless to say we are changing providers. This incident has almost blown us away. If websites are a hobby for you stick with ixhosting by all means but if you depend on the service to live I can only advise you to run for your life as far away from this outfit as your God given legs will carry you.

A Hackers Paradise


IX WEB Hosting is without doubt the most Unreliable, Insecure, Incompetant Web Hosting Company existing.
Their support 100% useless, on top of being useless, they are obnoxious and rude... I stary with their support, because you are going to need them on a DAILY basis.
Their servers are a hackers paradise, Stevie Wonder could hack into IX servers using a hotdog!!...
Just google " IX Web Hosting Hacked" and see for yourself..
If having your site(s) hacked, de-faced, banned from google and downtimes of more than 2 hours a day is not enough to put you off, how about ALL the mayor Server Emailers such as Yahoo, Gmail and Live / Hotmail have REDUCED Email traffic from IX Web Hostings Server, which means that any emails sent from IX Web Hosting hosted sites will almost never arrive if sent to these emailers!

Please do yourself a favor and AVOID IX like the plaque!!..

Read the truth about IX Web Hosting at http://ixwebhostwarning.wordpress.com/

A friend of mine used this


A friend of mine used this hosting a while ago
he had some kind of issues but nothing major
i used a different one
edit picture <-- my site

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