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Media Temple (dv)

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Media Temple



The Details

"Dedicated Resources with the flexibility of virtualization. Customizable for nearly anything."

Media Temples dedicated virtual hosting is virtual private server hosting with some horsepower that starts with 1TB of bandwidth.

User Reviews

Good For The Price


I've been using Media Temples DV service for over a year and am very happy with it. That's the service that powers G&G.com along with most of my other sites.

The bandwidth starts at 1TB which is useful for podcasting or other media rich sites. Few other hosts could hosting options could handle our bandwidth load for the same price.

Their support has been great. You can get someone on the phone at any time of the day. I've had my server crash (my fault) while I was away from a computer and was able to get someone on the phone to reboot the server for me. They are very responsive.

The server itself is configured for basic performance out of the box with mysql query caching, apache instances setup just right for the hardware, and more. If you want to use an opcode cache to get better performance (we do) it's fairly simple to install and you can have full root access to the server.

For the price, I've been very impressed and happy.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

I started out using (gs)


I started out using (gs) service and moved over to the (dv) plan about 8 months ago. The times I did have to call, I had my issues resolved quickly. I host a couple of peoples sites on it which means my actual out of pocket expense for this is less than when I had the (gs) plan.
I'm happy to have made the upgrade

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