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Pixlr - A free online photo editor

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The very cool, sleek and fast online image editor, named Pixlr is spectacular. The first thing you will notice is how extremely fast Pixlr is to load. It loaded FAST, real FAST! Its hard to believe its online, photoshop takes longer and its stored locally!

The interface is very comfortable to anyone who has used any kind of image editing software. The tool bars on the left and on the right are reminiscent of Photoshop's toolbar - only they are a lot simpler and with fewer functions.

For Firefox users, there is an add-on that allows you to open images and screen grabs from the web direct in the pixlr image editor.

User Reviews

how can I change my image if


how can I change my image if I do not using installing the photoshop http://minimalbugs.com/questions/interesting-stuff-online-image-editor-like-photoshop/

Well this editor seems to be


Well this editor seems to be a great stuff! I think I need to download it and try!
I see 5 guys voted positively for it. Well, I hope they have tried that before sharing their opinion.
By the way, you can try a pdf viewer on my site. I hope you will also like it!

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