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Company Information

SmugMug, Inc.


$ 39.95/Year

The Details

SmugMug; a commercial service lets you build online image & video albums with unlimited storage with no 3rd party ads.

User Reviews

Beautiful interface


SmugMug has a beautiful interface with many features.

Lovin the smugmuggin


I was going back and forth for awhile between smugmug and flickr. I decided on the Pro account at smugmug. I love the features and the page layouts.
If you have an iPhone the free smugshot app is great for those one the road or quick shots you want to share with your friends or family.
The pro accounts give you the ability to upload up to 2.5 min of video to your account.
I uploaded over 3K pictures when I signed up for archiving purposes. From what I understand the photos are stored securely in three separate databases throughout the country for safe keeping.

If you didn't know you can add smugmug to your social networking profile here on Geeks and God.

Incredible Photo hosting


I've been with Smugmug for about 4 years now. They're really an incredible company. The look of their online galleries is second to none, in my opinion, and their service has been very reliable. The $35/year price point for unlimited (yes, really unlimited) photos is very nice.

One thing that many don't know (and this may be of great interest for many churches out there) is that Smugmug will give registered 501(c)3 orgs free pro-level accounts to use. To take advantage of this, email markham@smugmug.com with your org name, website, and certification and he'll get you set up.

Along a similar vein, Smugmug also gives away free lifetime pro-level accounts to anyone that develops an application using their open API. This can be something as complex as a desktop gallery management app, to something as simple as a little command-line perl uploader script.


techmate: From what I understand the photos are stored securely in three separate databases throughout the country for safe keeping.

They actually utilize Amazon's S3 service for the vast majority of their storage needs. They do keep a sizeable cache of frequently-viewed images in their datacenter, but most everything else is stored in S3. By doing this, Smugmug doesn't need to worry about the nuts and bolts of dealing with data redundancy/geographic separation/etc. Amazon does this type of storage really well and (in my opinion), offloading that functionality is a good move.

Smugmug also recently started using Akamai's intelligent edge-caching network. In my experience, this caused a dramatic increase in speed due to the fact that in most cases, images are being fetched from a server that's in the same geographic region as you are.

Additionally, Smugmug makes pretty heavy use of Amazon's EC2 cloud computing service for image resizing and video rendering. Their CEO, Don, has a really interesting write-up on their implementation. I'd highly recommend that you check it out.

Thanks for the additional

Thanks for the additional information on Smugmug. Nice to have a review from a long time user as yourself. Makes me feel better about the decision to move my data over with them.

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