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201 Monroe Ave Suite 300 Grand Rapids, MI 49503



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TheCommon.org is a web tool to help people in communities help each other. Communication is key, but it has to be focused toward the right people. The goal of TheCommon.org is to decrease the distance between a person with a need and a person who can help, and it does so using categories to match needs and abilities. For example, if you like doing home repair, you add that ability and receive email notifications of the Home Repair needs in your community. Individuals can post needs as well—for themselves or on behalf of people they know.

It is a low-administration, secure, measurable system for coordinating volunteers, meals, mentors, and so on.

The website has more information including video tutorials, a keynote presentation for sharing with staff, use examples, and an easy sign up process. Check out the Twitter feed as well at twitter.com/thecommon.

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