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Evernote is a system for taking and storing information. It includes website, desktop, and mobile phone applications that are all connected and synchronized. 40 Mb a month is allowed for the free service but you can upgrade and get more features and space. It integrates into you life seamlessly. It has plugins that work with firefox, internet explorer, and even outlook. You can store pictures, audio files, entire websites, and even hand written notes using a touch screen pda or smartphone.

User Reviews

Evernote took over my life


I was issued a smartphone at work and then I discovered evernote.... I work on dozens of projects both personal and work related. Most at the same time and I always found myself coming back several weeks later saying what website did that come from? Or what was the cool idea I had right before I feel asleep last night. Now everything I see or do finds its way into evernote. If someone gives me a phone number or a part number it goes into evernote. If I am at a remote location looking at a peice of equipment I take a picture and put it in evernote. My smartphone is the gateway but the big issue is I don't have to organize anything or transfer anything from my smartphone to my computer. I can access my notebook from the web or from the desktop client. If I saw a cool website I save it into evernote and tag it. The entire system support tagging and searching so even after your notebooks get huge you can still keep organized and find what you need.

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