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Gutensite CMS

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1330 N. Broadway 200H Walnut Creek, CA 94596



The Details

Gutensite is a California design firm that helps small businesses and non-profits build and manage brilliant websites. Gutensite’s intuitive and beautiful CMS is part of a comprehensive ecosystem that proactively supports churches with strategy, design, development and ongoing website management.
Your Gutensite will allow your congregation to stay strong and grow too! Our templates are designed specifically with your needs in mind and our CMS enables many different people to update content without worrying about the design aspect of your website. Churches provide a great atmosphere for people to get together, become closer, as well as help others in need. Your Gutensite can take your Church to the next level of unity and strength. Our easy-to-use modules allow you to easily add events to your church's calendar, receive online donations, publish Podcasts for people who may have missed a sermon, and even allow your congregation to become "Members" and have access to specific content. All of these great features help your church be more connected than ever!

User Reviews

Excellent for churches!


Gutensite has a very well-planned Content Management System that is great for churches who plan to update information, add content and even receive donations online. Their free design templates are professionally created by graphic artists and their custom designs are awesome too! Gutensite has really thought things through when it comes to content and design. The CMS allows many different people to enter the admin part of the site and update/add content without having to worry about the design at all. Many churches have had great experiences with Gutensite, here are some of their recent designs for you to check out! http://churches.gutensite.com

Gutensite Content Management System

Hey Trevor,

Would you be the same Trevor Ryan who writes for the Guttensite blog? Although not specifically prohibited, please know this review section is designed to solicit objective feedback. But in every case, when reviewing your own company it's always best to indicate your affiliation in the review.

For all those who are interested, several years ago the Gutensite Content Management System was discussed at length in the "Gutensite CMS. Heard of it?" thread. This was a particularly robust discussion which I believe highlights well the debate between open source and proprietary web solutions.

Gutensite Content Management System

Hi Hans,
I certainly am that Trevor :)

Thanks for pointing out that thread, I had searched for one but somehow that thread passed by without me seeing it.

Just wanted to inform fellow members that the Gutensite CMS is a tool created with churches in mind as a majority of our members are churches.

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