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Planning Center Online

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Company Information

Ministry Centered Technologies, Inc.
Ministry Centered Technologies 78-100 Main Street, Suite 202 La Quinta, CA 92253
Sales Only (888) 777-2821


$14 to 99/m

The Details

Planning Center Online is a centralized website where leaders can plan their service and easily communicate with their staff and volunteers. While PCO is targeted at helping churches organize staff and volunteers for their worship services. We are successfully deploying this across all ministries including children's ministry. We even use it for planning conferences and other large special events.

User Reviews

How did we ever get by without it


There are few things in my life that I have ever wondered "how did we survive before we did _____"? Planning Center Online is one of them. We have dramaticly increased the quality of communication between worship teams and planning teams. Our tech teams now opperate with little to no intervention from planning staff.
It truly is allowing us to work "ON" our ministries and not "IN" our ministries. This is the team leader / volunteer coordinators dream come true.

Try it for free... Start planning for as little as $14USD a month.

Peter Awad

1Peter 4:10 ~ Are you using your gifts?

Awesome tool


Planning Center is an awesome tool... but it is an expensive one, for most churches. Service is excellent, and the features are fantastic... everything you might think to need in worship planning.

It has a graded price range, depending on how large you ministry is and what sort of needs you have, but most ministries will find themselves quickly surpassing the limitations of the $14 plan and moving on to the $35 plan rather quickly. That's an awful lot to pay in a month for the average church.

Anthony Pero
Minister of Music
Lima First Assembly of God

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