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Memverse is a website dedicated to helping you memorize bible passages. It is free and 100% online (requires no download). It is based on the SuperMemo algorithm which keeps track of all your verses and prompts you to review them at the perfect time.

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Online bible memorization


If flash cards have never really worked for you, and you spend a lot of time at the computer, this might be the perfect tool for you to finally start memorizing bible verses.

I've been using Memverse for about 4 months now and have memorized over 60 verses already.

There is plenty of slick Web 2.0 functionality and new features are added each month. Definitely worth checking out.

Great site


This is a great idea. I've just started using it and I like the method of testing your verses. I also like the fact that all your memory verses are stored online and accessible from anywhere. I've just started but so far I think I prefer this way of memorizing verses.

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