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Open source versus commercial software
Osalt.com is a quick guide to the best open source software. Hundreds of open source products are systematically listed in categories ranging from business to development, education and databases. Each product description contains pros and cons compared to similar commercial software as well as user ratings.

More than 200,000 visitors per month
- Since the launch of Osalt.com back in March 2006, approximately 2.8 million users have visited the site; 40% of these from the US, states Anders Ingeman Rasmussen, owner of Osalt.com. - This makes the site one of the world's most well-known open source sites, he continues, - and by translating the site into Spanish, we expect a factor two increase in the numbers of Spanish-speaking visitors.

Why open source?
By choosing an open source product, the user obtains a number of advantages compared to commercial products. Besides the fact that open source is always available for free, it is a transparent application, in that you are invited exclusively behind the scenes to view all source code and thereby to suggest improvements to the product. Furthermore, every product is covered by a large dedicated network, or community, who is more than willing to answer any questions, you may have.

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Great Site


great way to save money on expensive productivity software. I have a list I need to download and try now.

GPLpedia.com -- Promoting Open Source Software


GPLpedia.com is a place for open source enthusiasts like yourself to discover, share & upload content related to open source software from anywhere on the web in a very organized fashion. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure bog, GPLpedia.com has the best content submitted by our users. GPLpedia.com is all about sharing, discovery and promoting open source software & services. There is always something interesting and unique available in GPLpedia.com.

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