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Tech in Church Planting


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Startup churches and ministries are always a challenge. Using technology effectively in those ministries is a challenge we aim to tackle today. To help us in this quest for knowledge we are have special guest Joe Burnham, who is a church planter in Denver Colorado.

Before we dive into the topic of the day we discover that IE Day (Internet Evangelism Day) has a date and the next is in the spring of 2007. We, also, talk about the hundred dollar laptop for people in 3rd world countries.

Oh, and this time we did something very successfully. We tracked and posted all of the links we talked about on the show. So, come check it out... it's Geeks and God.....

OLPC, Info on your area, and our church videos

Nicholas Negroponte is on the team responsible for the $100 laptop. You can hear him on:

Participation Revolution

The end part of:

A talk about Flock

and on:

Software 2005 - Globalization of Technology Panel

all from itconversations.com

The US Cencus info reminded me of
http://www.upmystreet.com/, where you can enter a UK place name (or post code (like a zip code)), and get lots of information about that place, such as

# › Schools
# › Neighbours
# › Policing & crime
# › Council & reps
# › Transport

In terms of video, and church planting, our church recently started a 2nd service, which is sort of like a church plant in a way - in that the idea was to get new people coming to church. To help launch it, our pastor made and showed a video to the congregation.
He also put it up on Youtube, so you can see it too, at:



Ed, great stuff as always....
I particularly wanted to comment on the video you linked to.

For me, it's so inspiring to get an 'inside look' at what God is doing so far from my home in America. I always forget that he is working with all kinds of people all over the world, and inspiring them and blessing them as they try to follow him. Too cool. Thanks for sharing that Ed, and good luck with the Sunday evening service!

Oh...and in the video.....the cars were driving on the wrong side of the road. Just thought I'd let ya know :)

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

cars and African mobile phone services

Thanks Rob.
Actually, it is the rest of the world that is driving on the wrong side.

As for mobile phones in developing countries, take a look at this article about mobile usage, which has some interesting findings.

Blog to email

I've just found another blog to email service:

From their site:
"Zookoda is an email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers. Zookoda enables you to send a daily, weekly or monthly summary of your latest blog posts directly into your vistors inbox.
Oh...did we mention - it’s all FREE!"

I've not used it, but you might want to look at it as well as Feedblitz and r-mail.

Church plant tech

Pulled this from the archives as I'm in the process of helping a church plant with their technology. I'm going to pass on some of these to the staff - good stuff.

What my focus was in helping them set up their technology was focus on two things:
1) they don't have a lot of money
2) technology should be there and allow them to do the important stuff of building relationships and leading this church (they don't need to be there tinkering/worrying about servers and such)

So, to meet those goals we did the following
1) set their domain up on Google Apps for the Domain
2) set them up with MozyPro to back up the two computers they have.
3) found the church attendance/finance tracking software they wanted to use has an software-as-a-service offering. (because of this they have no need for on-premises servers)

The pastor's laptop is also multimedia focused to allow for DVD/CD playing, projecting, recording, etc.

They are running MS Office locally on their computers, but pretty-much everything else can be done through a web-browser. I'm helping administer their Google Apps until we can transition it to another volunteer in their congregation in the coming months.