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Mac vs. PC


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That day is finally here. The showdown between Macs and PCs in ministry. We've been asked in our forums what to use. We've been asked in person what to use. Today we have an answer. To offset the obvious mac bias we have on the show we brought in Brett, a Microsoft Certified PC guy.

Before we dive into the main topic, on what turned out to be our longest episode to date, we talk about ways our listeners think a Christian geek can look different to the world. We, also, try to answer the question, what size database does your CMS site need?

Reply to Mac vs PC

I enjoyed the latest podcast you guys did for the mac vs PC debate.
A few things that i picked up that you guys missed (on the mac side)

Not enough shortcuts on the mac?? not at all... as long as there is a menu
item for the thing you want to do... use the following tip to create a
shortcut of that menu item:

also, you [almost] mentioned Pages 2, but not quite, someone cut you
off... keynote + pages = forget MS office (and cheaper)

So yeah...

Anyway cya.

I loved it how the PC guy kept going for the Mac's...

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another note,
you mentioned that the Mac required more use of mouse than a PC, this may be the default situation, but with apple's "Full Keyboard Access" you can access 100% of things using only the keyboard.
to turn on Turn Full Keyboard Access just press Control + F1.
how you can tab through all of the windows contents, not only text box's (the default situation)
find out more at: http://docs.info.apple.com/art...

i would have to say the mac has better keyboard access then pc's, to the point that you can customize these things.. where as a pc is stuck with the default.


keynote + pages != forget MS Office (and cheaper)... we are talking about ministry and a powerful tool for ministry is excel. Add to that how pages doesn't quite have the power of MS Word and there are limitations still. And, ministries need their spreadsheets.

Thanks for the tip on the keyboard shortcuts.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Great episode. I've been

Great episode. I've been waiting for this one for a while. Not sure if I agree with you when you say the keyboard shortcuts in OS X aren't as good. I personally find myself using keyboard shortcuts on the Mac much more than in Windows.

There was one thing that bothered me about this podcast though. Linux didn't seem to be mentioned enough and I think the term PC was used a bit to often to refer to Windows.

Windows Shortcuts

Hey J,

What I was specifically talking about was "dialog box" keyboard support in OSX. Unlike Windows, an OSX developer has make sure they add that support into the product. This feature isn't applied consistently across Apple's software offerings either, which just causing user confusion.

If you're using XP, the default is to hide the keyboard shortcuts until you press the ALT key (and then you see various keys underlined). You'll also notice that hitting ESC is the same as clicking CANCEL. On OSX, I've had it before that I had to CLICK on Cancel...

This all just points (no pun intended) to the way I think Apple and Microsoft approach a UI problem.



Linux as PC


As a followup to your other point: Linux.

Are you finding a lot of ministries you work with are looking for Linux on the desktop?

I believe we discussed Ubuntu, which is a Linux Distro (and a very good one at that).

I was coming at that episode as what does Sally, the church office manager/tech leader want to know about the differences between the two major players.

Linux has definitely made some strides in the past, but a ministry would still be faced with securing technical support when there's a problem, access to good training, and compatibility (we mentioned OpenOffice vs. Word specifically).


Theme Song

On this episode you discussed whether or not you should continue to use your theme song, which we all like, because you don't have permission to use it.

I don't think there should be any doubt or question here - don't use copyrighted music, IF you don't have permission. Even if it means you have to change the theme song. You want to set an example for the believers (as Paul told Timothy to do in 1 Tim 4)

I'm not telling you this to tell you to change the theme song, but rather to ASK for permission.

My friend's Christian Technology podcast (Geekons.com) uses a song from Mercy Me as the music. He obtained permission directly from Mercy Me to use the song.

Perhaps this debate can be resolved by applying the teachings of Jesus in Matt 7 - Ask and you shall receive.

I hope you get permission to continue to use the theme song, it's cool.

Good Call

Hey Sam....
Good call on this...we've come to the same conclusion ourselves. We're going to stop using the song unless we get permission....We didn't know we were actually breaking copyright until we looked it up after the show.

We'll be on the hunt for a good replacement by a local artist who wants some promo, or I may write my own...

Thanks for the encouragement!

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

Google "podsafe music" for a

Google "podsafe music" for a number of sites that have podcast safe music, I found the bumper I use for our sermon podcast from on of the podsafe sites. can't remember which one.

Good thought

Hey Utech...
Good thought here. I think we've decided we're gonna write our own theme in the coming weeks. But it's great to know that Podsafe music is only a search away!

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

yeah that is even cooler. Do

yeah that is even cooler. Do you know of any good voice processors, such as plugins for Audacity that can make my voice sound more impressive, need to have a better voice over for intro, etc. and I have more of a face for radio than a voice for it.

What are they saying??

Is it me or to they say "porn it" in the theme song? Or am I just hearing things.


That's so funny, I thought that too...he's saying "Point It" (as in point and click).

Glad it wasn't just me.... :)

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

Hahaha, That's funny

Hahaha, That's funny

Mac Worship software

There are several programs for worship presentation on the Mac. One is LiveWorship, which I have not personally used but hey it is out there. The other I have used and it is also open source! OpenSong is great worship presentation software and it is free. Both of them are also available for Windows. Great show by the way!


Great episode! Especially loved the 'what is different about a Christian Geek'. It was pretty convicting...which is good. It is good to be back.

Mac Vs Pc theme

guys im looking for this everywhere i cant find it I want it badly