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Creating the Durius Water effect Waterpic Applet in Drupal 6.x

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I recently heard Matt say you should never use an applet on a web site. I am interested as to why. Nevertheless I think it is a cool effect. Perhaps there is an easier way without using an applet???

I am writing this tutorial to implement the Durius Water Effect Waterpic Applet in Drupal 6.x because I was not able to find anything on how to do it. I managed to get it working by trial and error and I thought I would share how I did it. You can see how I used it on my logo at http://www.rawdesigners.com. I want to give thanks to Robert Jeppesen of http://www.durius.com for creating this applet.

1. Download the applet from www.durius.com

    2. Copy the applet files (DuriusWaterPic.jar and DuriusWaterPic.cab) from the Applets/WaterPic folder to your theme folder."/sites/all/themes/abessive/applets/Water/DuriusWater.jar"
    3. Select the sample that most resembles the effect you want to achieve. Copy the applet tag and paste it to the desired position in page.tpl.php
    4. Now just edit the image parameter ( Note: Case Sensitive! ) and alter the width and height values in the applet tag according to the size of your image. If you want you can also tweak other settings in the applet as documented under the 'WaterPic' section. For my logo in the header this is how it looked using the abessive theme:

      <div class="content">
        <!-- Header -->
        <div id="logo-floater">
        <APPLET archive="/sites/all/themes/abessive/applets/Water/DuriusWater.jar" width="197" height="94"  align="BOTTOM" code="DuriusWater.class">
<PARAM name="cabbase" value="/sites/all/themes/abessive/applets/Water/DuriusWater.cab">
<PARAM name="dim" value="6">
<PARAM name="logoheight" value="94">
<PARAM name="image" value="/sites/default/files/abessive_logo.png">
<PARAM name="mouse" value="2">
<PARAM name="noise" value="2">
<PARAM name="timer" value="1000">
<PARAM name="col1" value="aa66f4">
<PARAM name="col2" value="662266">
<PARAM name="col3" value="ffffff">
<PARAM name="col4" value="6634aa">
<PARAM name="col5" value="aa66aa">
<PARAM name="bg" value="234633">
<PARAM name="reg" value="22454732">

          // Prepare header
          $site_fields = array();

Once again, I am a novice and if there is something wrong with doing it this way please let me know. Also once you have the cab and jar files in your theme folder you can place the applet code in a node body to test.