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Screencast Production using Screenflow

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This is a video tutorial on good OS X screencast production. I show effective use of the zoom feature to allow people see what your doing with greater ease. As I believe it is important to not hide behind a monitor in a screen-cast, I talk about the camera function so that when your talking people are not distracted by your screen. This also demonstrates how I export my videos to achieve maximum quality.

Thanks for sharing your video!!!!!!!!


My wife and I are working with video. Your tutorial will help us with Screenflow!!!!!!

tomrogers123 what are the projects you produce?


I tend to do screencasts

I tend to do screencasts about Drupal and other technologies for YouTube.

Tom Rogers

blip.tv or vimeo

You might want to consider posting them on blip.tv or vimeo. You can get better screen resolution there.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Thanks, I know that the

Thanks, I know that the quality for blip is awesome - The Mustardseed Media video podcast being a prime example! The issue I tend to have with any other service (that's not YT) is that the community is not as large. This means less people can benefit from my content.


p.s. I've always wondered, do you like being referred to as MF?

Tom Rogers