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Photoshop Masking

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Here's a quick (and very basic) tutorial on using masks in Photoshop. It just shows what a mask is and how it can be helpful in your designs when you want to hide/show parts of your layers but want to leave open possibilities for later changes.

Warning: The "mouse follow" on this vid is pretty crazy...don't watch it if you get motion sickness easily :)

Another Alternative


I'd also recommend another method called "clipping masks". Once you create your new layer with the photo (above the shape layer). You simply right click on the photo layer and choose 'create clipping mask' This will use the layer below as a mask. This is quite handy for anytime you're going to have many items you want to have the same size.

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I enjoyed these quick tips.


I enjoyed these quick tips. There is so much in photoshop. Seems every time I learn a new feature I forget an older one. These quick tutorials help bring back some of the steps to do most common tasks.



Really useful tips. Thanks.