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A Simple Directions Page

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Want to create a simple page on your website to provide directions to your church or ministry? It's super simple using the Google Web Elements tool.

  1. Go to the Google Web Elements Map site
  2. Enter a size, you'll probably want the large one.
  3. Enter a location as an address (Ex. 1256 Heretic Rd, Anyware, AK, 55555)
  4. Enter a name that will be displayed in the bubble (Ex. SuperSweetAwesome Church)
  5. Copy the code that appears below the preview
  6. Paste this code into your HTML (If you're using a CMS, be sure it allows full HTML input. The iframe will be cut out in most HTML filters)
  7. Save and view, you're new map with directions powered by Google is super posh!



This makes generating a map much more painless than using Google maps directly. Great tip!

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

If you're using Drupal, check


If you're using Drupal, check out gmaplocation. It's lightweight and super nice.

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