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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tutorial

I'll use my website as an example. My website was about acoustic guitars.
Actually it was Acoustic Guitar Care Tips. I wanted to be able to go into
any search engine and search for acoustic guitar or guitar tips or guitar
care etc, and have a good listing. There are so many websites about
guitars, I figured trying for a good listing by typing in a single word
'guitar' was out of reach so I went for 2 word phrases.

Your URL should have the name or at least part of your name in it.
acousticguitar.com was already taken so I got a variation of it...
guitartips.addr.com is mine.
Ex. ~hsmith.index.html would not be as good.

The biggest tip for SEO is text. Text, text, text, and more text!
You want your search words in your title, headers, links, pictures,
anything. If you hyperlink from a .gif or .jpg, etc., use alt and
title commands. Some people use redundant links at the bottom of
their home page using just text links to increase text. Most people
don't use frames anymore but I'll still tell you don't use frames.
Frames block spiders.


Should be used!
Meta Tag Character Limits...
There is some debate about this but my experience is...
Title - Up to 65 characters is OK.
Description - Up to 158 characters is OK.
Keyword - Up to 254 charactersis is OK.
You want to use the best words but don't over do it.
You can put these tags on each and every one of your site's pages.
Spaces and commas count as characters.

What I did was go into the big search engines like google and search
for similar sites of the same subject as mine. Go to the best results.
Click on the links of the top websites. When the homepage comes up,
do a View/Source with your browser and see how that webmaster did it.
You know that webmaster did something right!

When you link to another new page on your site, Name_It, don't just use
abbreviations. Ex. acoustic_guitar.html not just ac.html. These pages
will come up in listings as well depending on the search engine.

As a beginner, you have to be very cordial. Go to top listed sites
like yours that have a links page and contact them to request
exchanging links. Add their link first and tell them that in your
request. They will be more willing to exchange with you if you add
theirs first. Keep them bookmarked to check back later. Usually
they will tell you when they add or reject your request though.
When the Search Engine Spider comes, it has to get to you somehow.

Now You Are Ready For A Search Engine Spider.

All search engines are not created equal! Some are really bad or worse
yet charge a lot of money for a listing. Unnecessary. If you have a
good listing on the major search engines, you will be fine. Do not
use services that supposedly submit your site for you and rely on them.
Approach the search engine you want to submit to. This is the frustrating
part. When you start searching for the "submit link" or "contact", etc.
link, it may be there, it may not be there. Ask.com is a very good
search engine but relies totally on spiders. Google uses spiders but
I finally did find a link to submit my URL to.

When Bing came out, I had a really bad listing. You are allowed to search
for yourself ONCE a day without problems. My site was on page 5. After
searching for my site and clicking on it once a day for weeks, I finally
moved up to page 2. Don't abuse this or it will hurt your listing or
get you completely kicked off. Remember, once a day!

Post a link to your site there. It will show up in the google search
listings after a short period.

If appropriate, make a Facebook fan page. Google will pick that up as well.

I found this to be not only interesting but kind of a fun game. It's fun
to outsmart computers. Kind of like beating the computer at Hearts or
something. I get a real sense of accomplishment when I search for my site
and I'm #1 out of a million!!! Spiders only come around about once a month
so be patient. Also remember, you can't keep all search engines happy.
They're all different. Try to get the best listing on the most popular
search engines like google, bing, ask, & yahoo, etc.

Bob, CWEB Admin.