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Demo using Drupal, QueryPath and Web Services

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QueryPath is a PHP library for manipulating XML and HTML. It is designed to work not only with local files, but also with web services and database resources. It implements much of the jQuery interface, but it is heavily tuned for server-side use.

In this demo, QueryPath uses OpenAmplify and four other web services to take a starting article and collect related content from around the web. SVG, autotagging, Flickr, Twitter, Technorati, and Amazon integration are all discussed in this 8 minute screencast.

Author: Matt Butcher

Hey, thanks!


I'm thrilled to see this at G&G! Thanks guys!

If you'd like something slightly more practical, I posted a (text-based) tutorial on working with HTML:

It's not nearly as flashy... but it's probably more useful to developers.